It's a night club at 808 Lady Street in The Vista of Columbia SC.

The Woody is also a radio station broadcasting 24/7 with handpicked music from Woody Windham's personal collection. We offer it with no commercials and no talk.

But notice that we do have sponsors and we won't get paid unless you visit their sites on the right side of this Web page.

The music you are about to hear is dancable and it's from Woody's 53-year radio career. The music will come to you from the dance floor at the night club 24/7. The format is subject to change when Woody's daughter, Jennifer, takes over at about 10 PM.

Please visit the sponsors' Web sites so we can keep this thing going, and tell everybody about it. It's free.


Woody With the Goodies
Weekday Mornings
5am - whenever (I own this thing.)

Radio Church
Sunday Mornings

The Wendy Windham Show
Sunday Nights
8pm - 11pm

The Ruba Say Guitar Show
Monday Nights
8pm - 11pm

The Jason Caffee Show
Tuesday Nights
Sometime. Probably 8pm

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The Woody — 808 Lady Street — Columbia, SC — (803) 779-9663